Monday, 26 March 2012


After reading this novel 'purple heart' i really enjoyed the story line in chapter one 'the immigrants' because it told me why Andrew's family came to nz, this wasn't the only reason i enjoyed the frist chapter, i enjoyed because it was amazing to see Andrew and Vile like their town 'Ponsonby' because this reminds me when i first moved to NZ christchurch in 2004, but the thing that made me laugh was when Vile said ' he had a present for andrew ' , to me i really thought it would be a rugby ball or some sports equiment, but it turned out to be a firecracker, i was amazed that when pacific islanders get a fire cracker they get all crazy and start to get hyped up.

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  1. Thanks Shafil. Did you realise that it isn't a novel? Go into more depth now about the ideas raised, how it relates to you and the wider community, techniques the writer used. Then you will be ready to write your response.